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2024 Client Intake

Thank you for taking the time to complete your 2023 Tax Client Questionnaire. For new clients and existing clients, this information is critical to ensure our records are correct and up to date, so that we accurately file your tax return.

Here, you will begin your virtual tax preparation submission. You will submit the necessary Tax information and documents and a Tax Professional will prepare your file. 

Virtual Preparation time is 72 business hours (or less) from the submission date, given that we have all the documents  to complete this file.


Is this yor 1st time filling taxes?
Does the following apply?
Were you previously issused an Identity PIN IP PIN by the IRS?
Filing Status
Upload File
Please upload the
Do you have dependents?
How would you like you refund?
Bank Account Type
Would you like to apply for a Refund Advance?
Do you owe Student Loans, Taxes, or CHILD SUPPORT or another entity that might offset your refund?
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